Thursday, November 1, 2012

After A Storm...

Hello Dear Readers!

Gosh. It has been a CRAZY week over here in NY. I'm sure most of you know about Hurricane Sandy hitting the East Coast Monday/Tuesday of this week.

As a New York native, I don't feel that we expected the storm to be what it was. I personally, have never seen anything like it. The wind was like nothing I've ever experienced before. Losing power all around you, looking out your window and seeing complete darkness, lightning, wires going on fire, no heat, no hot water, limited food.

I am thankful enough to live in an area of Staten Island where I, unlike many residents, didn't have to evacuate. I also live on an incline so the risk of flooding was also not an issue. However, living on a street full of large trees was incredibly worrisome. (Many of which came down).

All in all, I was without power for two days. Without any contact with the outside world. It was something I've never had to deal with for a long period of time before. It made me realize just how much we take for granted. Not being able to open the fridge, having to do everything by candlelight, no cell service, no heat or hot water, we don't truly realize how lucky we are.

My mother and I decided to get out of the house to check out how the neighborhood was looking. Trees, wires, debris, fences, pieces of homes, signs, all down. On every single block. To see people who had trees going through their homes, significant damage done to their property. It's incredibly heart wrenching

I sat in my car (which thankfully has enough gas to last me a while) and I charged my phone as much as I could while I listened to the news on the radio. To hear all of the devastation around NY/NJ was unbelievable.

When I finally regained power and turned on the news to see what was happening, I couldn't believe my eyes. Places in New jersey that I frequent during the summer, that I love going to ever year, completely underwater. All the homes that have been destroyed, fires, flooding, people crying on television because they've lost everything. Family member's homes ripped away from them. It's like nothing I've ever experienced before.

I've been thinking  a lot about volunteering. I will definitely be doing it around the holidays (they will be here before you know it, people)
But in the aftermath of this horrible storm, I definitely plan on volunteering throughout my city to help those who weren't as lucky as I was.
I encourage you all. DO WHAT YOU CAN. Even if it has nothing to do with the aftermath of the storm. Volunteer around your own cites.

When you take a shower today, remember that people are without hot water. When you turn on your lights, remember people are still without power all over.
BE THANKFUL. Don't take these things for granted. I know I won't anymore!


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