Friday, September 28, 2012

Get going!!

Hi folks! Today I come to you via the magic of the iPhone. I'm hanging out in Barnes and Noble, getting some creative writing done while listening to Mr. Billy Joel.

I was just writing some reflections in my journal of the past week. Some ups, some downs.

First of all... How FAST is time going!? Excuse me, where the hell did September go!? These weeks are FLYING! It's making me go cray cray! I just counted today... I only have 10 weeks left of the semester. That's not a lot. Especially with days off and how quickly these previous weeks have been going! Time needs to slow. Down.
Does this make you cray cray too? Tell me I'm not alone!

I've been getting my voice back as a poet. I've fallen back in love with writing poetry. I've allowed my poetic voice to come forward again. This has been good.

I haven't written anything for my book in the last two weeks. I don't even know how that happened! I don't feel so bad about it because I've been writing poems.

I'm determined to get back into writing my book this week! While continuing to write my poems/creative thoughts.

I've been LOVING the responses for my poetry! Y'all are the best! I'm slowly starting to post my more personal poems and they've been getting the most love so I'm super happy!

I've finally started cooking again! Check out this awesome dish I made below! I've also started doing the daily crosswords in the newspaper! They're super fun and get your brain going! Also, can we talk about The Casual Vacancy? I ordered it and it's coming Monday. I. Cannot. Wait. I'm trying to finish the book I'm currently reading before it comes so I can start it right away!

I'm in my happy place right now and I'm determined to stay here! I want to help others get in their happy place too. I want to reach out to people more, but I don't know how to do that! Any suggestions? I want to help YOU!

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Thanks for reading my poetry, this blog, and caring what I have to say. I care about what you have to say and it means a lot that you're helping this dream slowly become a reality!

Smile at a stranger, eat some happy food, and take a nap! I'll be getting two of those three things done today! (I wish the nap was one of the two!)
I hope you do things you've been meaning to do and you do them with a smile!

I've got a lot to do! Let me do my work! Feel free to contact me at any time :)
Love always,
Christina Bracco

Friday, September 21, 2012


Happy Friday Peeps!

It's been another great week! I'm the happiest I've been in a while. So much positive change has been occurring in my life!

First, on a less serious note, Starbucks has been introduced to me. More specifically, Pumpkin Spice Lattes. I'm not a coffee person. The only warm thing I drink is tea and hot chocolate, BUT I had to taste what all the hype was about. Hello, I love it. Lattes peeps. Now I must try ALL THE STARBUCKS.

Except coffee. No.


I've been thinking a lot lately about change and transitions.
Since my birthday last week, I've come to notice a change in where I am in life. I rarely watch TV anymore, I'm rarely sitting on the computer longer than an hour, and I've taken on much more of an adult lifestyle.
Overall, I feel as though I'm living life more.

I find myself waking up every morning, doing dishes, dusting, vacuuming, laundry, cleaning up. I've also found myself revisiting my love of cooking. I used to cook every day. I loved experimenting with dishes. I'm slowly coming back into that and I'm falling in love with it all over again.

I've also found myself eating much healthier than I used to be. I was once the queen of junk food, but now I find myself opting for healthy and organic foods. It has actually been making me feel better. By eating healthy and keeping up with my daily exercise, I feel so refreshed and powerful.

I think I've definitely been living a healthy lifestyle lately.
I just feel as though a dose of life has been injected into me.

Minor setback: With having a five day weekend I briefly slipped back into my lazy ways and I've only been to the library once this week. Therefore, I haven't done any writing. I'm quite upset about it. I will defiantly be getting back on track next week.

My goals for the upcoming week, (and to continue after the upcoming week), is to continue living with this new perspective. Get outside and do things that you love with people that you love. Feel free and wear a smile. Make others smile. And keep laughing. Don't look back. Only look forward if you want to reach your destination.

I hope you all have an amazing week and I hope that you challenge yourself to do something you've been too afraid to do!

Get some fresh air! Indulge in life! Feed your creativity!
Hugs, kisses, and best wishes

Christina Bracco

Friday, September 14, 2012

Creativity In. Technology Out.

Hello all!
I’m currently sitting in my college library, listening to some Charlene Kaye and typing away. This is a pretty great way to describe how this past week has been going for me.
I’ve taken it upon myself (with the help of a lovely person) to take a break from technology. That doesn’t necessarily mean cutting it off entirely, but I’ve been limiting my time. I’ve been limiting my time on the internet, not only because of its great distracting abilities, but because it also makes time go by so fast.
Do you ever sit down to look at one little thing on the internet… and then find yourself looking up at the clock and realizing an hour or two has gone by? It happens to me ALL THE TIME! I don’t want my time to go by so quickly. I could be doing so much more in those two hours than sitting on Twitter!
This week was all about limiting internet use and getting outside! Getting some work done!
Let me tell you… it’s been AMAZING. Instead of watching TV or turning on the computer, I’ve picked up a book. Because of this… I started and completed a book I’d been meaning to get to in two days! Awesome!
The feeling has been amazing. I’ve replaced technology with creativity. I’ve gotten SO much work done. Every day, in my free time, I come to the college library looking like a bag lady. Carrying a bag full of my school books, laptop, reading, and my writing books. I don’t connect to any wifi, and I sit and get my work down.  It’s such an amazing feeling.
I’ve also started to embrace my surroundings more. Take a step back and observe. I just walked here and saw people meeting up with friends, walking to class, the beautiful sound of the water in the fountain, the beautiful sunshine, birds chirping, the wind hitting my face. If you just sit back and look at your surroundings, you’d be amazed.
I’ve also started some amazing (and daunting) projects!
I’ve submitted a poem to one of my schools literary magazines. I’ve never shared my work with the public. It’s been scary and exciting.
In following that step, I’ve also created a blog dedicated to  my writing that I update every Tuesday and Thursday! That’s also been very nerve racking, but the response has been positive and I feel  amazing about it.
I’ve also settled on where I will be applying for a job in just a few months. I want to wait until this crazy semester is over.
And… drum roll please…
The whole idea of it was scaring the crap out of me, but since I’ve been letting the creative juices flow, I decided it was time to get to work!
I’ve got two chapters done! Of course, I’ll need to go back and revise at a later date, but It’s coming together perfectly. It’s amazing how the process of writing something triggers you for more ideas. I’m extremely proud and I think it’s going in the perfect direction.
All in all, this week has been amazing. I’ve never felt better. I’ve accomplished so many things in just a few days and I’m determined to keep the momentum going!
A few other little things before I go:
1.       Everyone MUST read every day by David Levithan. It is SO brilliant
2.       I’m about to start It’s Kind of A Funny Story
3.       I’ve also decided that I will go to Barnes and Noble every Wednesday (my day off) Don’t just sit inside because you don’t have anywhere you need to be! GET OUTSIDE!
4.       I’m about to continue on with my novel – Wahoo
5.       It was my birthday yesterday. Being twenty is scaring me. But thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes <3
6.       I will be updating this blog every FRIDAY
7.       Find me on Twitter at ChristinaBracc0
I challenge you all to get outside and do something you’ve been meaning to do! I can’t even express how amazing you will feel once you do it!
Much love, many hugs

Friday, September 7, 2012

Long time, no see.

Well, I have completely neglected this blog. A few things:

1.The reason this blog was put on the back burner was because (like you know) I was in the process of moving. It was a very busy, uncomfortable, difficult time in my life. I was juggling so much and I was so overwhelmed. Thankfully, I'm finally settled where I am and I am getting my life back in order.

2. I have decided to pick up blogging again. Of course, I have my Tumblr, but I mean blogging in the sense of writing out my thoughts each week. It was therapeutic.

3. Speaking of Tumblr, I've just created a Tumblr where I will now be posting my original poems/songs/short stories twice a week. It's incredibly nerve racking to be sharing such personal thoughts with the public, but it's time. You can check it out HERE: !!!! Be sure to follow if you're on Tumblr!

4. Upon returning to this blog, I decided to reread my old entries. My, a lot has changed since then. I'm in a completely different place. Isn't that crazy? Just a few months have gone by, yet so many things are different. I've switched gears from becoming a Casting Director. I've realized that is not my true passion. I think I was just so desperate to have an answer as to what I was going to do with my life that I settled for anything. Since then, with the help of an amazing Life Coach, I've decided that I don't need to pick one thing. I can do everything. Which is what I've always wanted. I want to dip my hands in more than one basket. I want to work behind the scenes. In shows, films, musicals. I want to reach out to people. Make a difference. Inspire. I want to be a wife and mother.

The main thing that has come and completely changed my life... writing. In the recent months I've become more serious about my writing. It's my main focus. I want to be an authoress. A story teller. I want to touch people with my words. Words cannot express how excited I am to take this passion and do something amazing with it.

I'm about to start writing my first fictional novel. I hope to release it in a year or two. We shall see. I want it to be something I can be incredibly proud of. I will spend some time making "Author Update" posts where I'll talk about how the process is going. It's so incredibly daunting, but I'm excited!

I think that will be it for now! I'm so happy to be back. It feels great to have a voice again.
Thanks for taking this journey with me! I'll be talking to you real soon! :)

Christina Bracco