Friday, November 16, 2012

I Challenge You!!

Greetings and salutations!

What's going on in my life?

I've been going through this process in the last month (more-so, in the last few weeks) of transformation.

Here me out.

Last week I told you all about how I was finding myself more in tune with my spirituality and my faith.
Well, that has just been blossoming and growing stronger and stronger each day.

You all know how important I find spirituality to be. It's important to do things that make you happy and feed your soul.
It's important to keep yourself motivated, keep inspiration all around you, and to keep your creativity going.


I find my motivation/inspiration in many different places. I continue my meditation, my walking. Reading/writing. Look at the world that surrounds you.
I work with my life coach, who keeps me SO motivated. I follow inspirational Twitters, I get emails, I watch shows.

There are SO many things you can do.

MUSIC!! (Hi. Go get Ed Sheeran's album. It's been inspiring me like crazy.)

I've been reading this book written by a pastor named Joel Osteen. It's called "I Declare: 31 Promises to Speak Over Your Life"
It's a 31 day process where you read one chapter a day and practice working on yourself.
It's been so amazing. It really puts things in perspective and gives you confirmation that fulfilling your dreams is what you were meant to do.

In reading this, I've decided to make my own challenge for YOU! (And me!)
Over the next seven days, I want you to think of one thing a day that you'd like to change about yourself and work on it!
NOW, I don't mean things such as: "lose weight, get a boyfriend, go to that party". NO. I mean positive, internal things. Like "becoming more organized, having more confidence, loving myself, writing that story I've been meaning to write"
Do things that will benefit your spirit and your soul! For the long run!

Check back in next week and let me know how it went! Next Friday, I'll write about my experience too!

As usual, thank you all for your love and support. You're all so awesome.
I hope you have an amazing week.
Happy Thanksgiving to my readers who celebrate!
(I'm totes looking forward to it.)

Lots of love and fuzzy thoughts,
Christina Bracco
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