Sunday, February 26, 2012

Time has passed yet again..

So.. I've been SUPER busy and that leads me to neglect this blog. But alas.. I am here!!
The Oscars just ended!! Loved Billy Crystal! My favorite moment was def the whole Cirque performance! That was mind-blowing!!! Best dressed? Michelle Willams! Hands down. She's flawless.

Things going on with me? I'm currently house hunting and it's probably the most frustrating/scary/stressful thing I've had to go through in a while. The whole process is very daunting in itself, but when it's constantly becoming more difficult.. it's even worse.

Which leads me to this blog topic. Change.
I love change! Don't get me wrong! But I'm talking minor changes.. like.. buying a new TV.. that's good change. BUT.. when you're face with real life changing change.. it's a lot to handle. I currently have so much change going on. I'm not very happy about it. I'm good with it when it's one thing at a time.. but I'm extremely overwhelmed with everything going on right now.

What do I do?
Let my frustrations/worries/stress out in a healthy way. Doing A LOT of writing (as usual)!
Dance, singing, talking about it! I usually HATE to talk about things that are bothering me.. but I can promise that it feels amazing after you do!

Don't hold it inside! Let it out! Change is good. Life is all about change. It may be daunting, but it's worth it in the end. That's what I believe, anyway. That's what mindset I'm in right now.

Everything works out the way it's supposed to. God throws challenges at his toughest soldiers.
Be a fighter. Grow with the change. It will be okay in the end.

What kind of changes are you going through? Feel free to share with me! Don't forget my Tumblr/ Twitter and the Comments section are always open to those who need it!

Love you all. Best wishes! Talk to you in a few days!
Xoxoxo Christina

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