Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Long overdue..

Hello, hello!!

It's been so long since I last wrote a blog! I've been so busy with packing and starting school again, I've lost track of time! My classes seem okay so far.. I'll let you know in a few weeks after things are settled and the major work begins! I'm taking American Sign Language, Geology, a Geology Lab and an English class. Most of my requirements are complete and I'll soon begin to focus on my major! Yay!

Also.. can we talk about Sherlock??? I've just started watching it yesterday and I'm in love! I have two episodes left then I will be all caught up! I am SHER Locked! Looooove!
And last nights Glee!? Yes, yes, YES!


I'm always one to be thinking of my future and all my dreams that I wish to accomplish.. I thought it would be fun and inspiring to create a sort of bucket list of things I'd like to accomplish or do in my lifetime. That way I have some goals and dreams set for myself and I'm always focused on achieving them. I typed them all out on my computer and saved them. I'm sure as time goes on things will be added and hopefully things will get check marks next to them!
I have about 35 or 36 so far.. ( I don't feel like opening the document to check)
Some of them are as simple as "graduating college", while others seem bigger such as "live in England for some time" .
A few other things:

  • Attend a UK music festival
  • Work in a theater
  • Get an internship at a casting office
  • Get married and have children
  • Meet Lady Gaga
They vary! :) But I think it's really cool and kind of important to think about the kind of life you want to live and the kinds of things you want to do. Creating a list like this can help keep you on track and help you remember what it is that you want to accomplish with your life.

I hope to live a life full of happiness and amazing experiences. Where I can wake up everyday and love going to work and enjoying the fun in life while always maintaining my security. And I wish the same for all of you!

So there you have it! Some advice from me to you! Think about your dreams and goals! Make a list, write it down and keep it with you! I hope it's full of check marks :)
Be sure to let me know some of the things on your list! I'd love to hear some! Maybe they'll give others and I ideas!

I certainly won't wait another two weeks to write my next one! I've gotta go finish Sherlock! Adois!
Xoxoxo Christina

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