Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I procrastinated so much with this post. I kept telling myself I would write in... and then never did. BUT HERE IT IS! Finally!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas/ Hanukkah!! I know I sure did! Despite family drama. The usual. It was quiet and peaceful. I got some amazing gifts from my amazing family. And let's not forget about great food! :)
What did you do for the holidays? Get any totally awesome gifts?

I started my Christmas celebration by having a Christmas party at my house! It was so much fun! As always! I love my friends so much. I never thought I'd find such amazing and true friends like these. I'm so blessed and thankful for them! I couldn't ask for better people to spend my time with!

Here's a shot of us visiting a house with incredible decorations:

My house has also been sold after just three months on the market! My mom and I are super excited about that! Once the holidays are over and everything calms down we're gonna start looking for a place! Miracles do happen, guys! I'm both excited and nervous at the same time. Have you ever moved? How did it feel? Got any tips? =/
I also found out that I passed all of my classes! Thank the lord! That was my hardest semester so far! Things are finally looking up!

I think I'll save my New Years post till Friday. Make sure you come back to read that! Until next time.. I'm glad I finally wrote this damn post! Feel free to leave and comments / questions/ suggestions below!
I'm off to watch Cinderella and clean! 

Xoxo Christina 

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