Friday, December 7, 2012

Stick With It!

Hello all!

I hope you've all gotten into the holiday spirit since my last blog.
(Quick note: Anyone in the NY/NJ area who'd like to help out with a drive I'm doing, leave me a comment!)

I've really been struggling in the last few weeks to find motivation to continue my book.
As creative beings, we often run into dry spells while working on certain projects, and I was certainly in one.

It had been weeks since I had written my book and I was really frustrated with myself. I couldn't find inspiration, I didn't know how I wanted the story to continue, and I lost faith in my abilities.

I didn't mention anything about it in my last few blogs because I was trying to work through it on my own.

I came to the point recently where I almost shelved the novel in order to work on other ideas that I had.

Luckily, I had a meeting with my life coach on Wednesday and we discussed the matter.
She encouraged me to push through and continue writing. If I were to shelve my book and move on to something easier, I wouldn't be growing and I wouldn't be challenging myself. I would have been giving up on myself.

We made it certain that I would schedule time in every day to write. Even if I'm unsure of the direction I want to go in, or I feel the work isn't good enough, just write. I can always go back and change it.

Since Wednesday, I have done just that and I feel back to my old self.

I've made it my goal to maintain this new energy and continue writing every day, as well as keeping up with my meditative walks and reading.

I urge you all to continue to push through when you feel as though you have nothing more to give. Find the strength and stick with it. Nothing is better than the feeling you get after you accomplish your goal.

Work hard and you will be rewarded with greatness.

Much love and faith to you all,
Christina Bracco

P.S. - Exciting things coming soon! Stay tuned :)

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