Friday, December 28, 2012

New Year, New Me?

Well guys, another Christmas come and gone.

It's crazy how quickly the holiday season comes and goes. Yesterday, I found myself putting away all the decorations and turning on the radio to find 106.7 is back to regular music.

I spent the majority of this Christmas reflecting on the year and working on peace.

We may not always be surrounded by people that we enjoy being with. No one's family is perfect. But what's important is to make the best of the situation at hand and do your best to make it better.

I had a lovely Christmas and I hope you all did as well.

And now we're on to the new year!

In preparing for the new year, I've been doing some reflecting on what I want to accomplish in the new year.

Here are a few things I hope to accomplish in 2013:

  1. Finish writing/publish Odyssey 
  2. Publish my first children's book
  3. Continue reaching out to people in any way I can
  4. Be more open with those closest to me
  5. Continue bettering myself
Those are just a few things on my list. You should make one of your own! Write down all the things you hope to accomplish in 2013. Keep it close to you and look at it whenever you need a push.

Have you ever heard that saying "New year, new me" when New Years comes around?
I don't like that term because I find it silly. If you keep becoming a "new you" every year, you'll never truly know who you are. You shouldn't be constantly changing yourself every year. You should be working on bettering the you that already exists.

Don't change who you are. BETTER who you are.

2013 is all about improvement for me!
What is 2013 about for you?

Have a happy and SAFE happy new year. Be responsible in your celebrations!
Much love to you all!

Christina Bracco

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