Friday, October 12, 2012

SHOW GRATITUDE! (And an awesome announcement)

Hey friends!

Hope all is well in your lives! I’ve been keeping on the busy streak (unwillingly). I’ve been doing a lot of different things lately. I’ve also been doing a lot of THINKING.

Thinking about what?

In reflecting upon my struggle with finding my one career path, I realized that there was always a common theme among my choices. Helping people was always on my mind.

Since then, as you know, I’ve realized that I will not have one said career. I plan to do many things. But what I DO know, is that when people ask me what I do for a living, I want to say: “I help people. I am of service.”

I was reading something the other day and the writer spoke about living his life like his heart. Our hearts are of service to our bodies. That is how he wishes to live his life- Of service to other people. That struck a chord with me because that is the goal I have for myself. With all of the books I plan to write, all of my poetry, blogs, passion projects, I want them to be a service to people who are finding themselves.  I want to inspire, give comfort, give hope, and give people the courage to chase their dreams. I can only hope that I am able to accomplish such things. Whether I help one person or one million, I just want to help. As well as keeping my creativity flowing forever.

With that being said… I have a pretty super cool awesome fun project that I have been secretly working on for a while. I’m ready to start sharing it (even though it’s still in its baby stage)

SO… I’m launching my own organization! Say hello to…


The Happy Place Campaign (or THPC) is a community/organization that I’ve decided to create in order to spread love and positivity!

THPC is a place for people to go to for support and advice. A place for people to go to share their stories, their struggles, their worries, their dreams. A place for people to lend a helping hand and find people who are going through similar struggles. It’s all about spreading positivity and coming together as a community to help each other find our happy place!

THPC is starting off on Tumblr! So how it will work issss…

Every day, I will post a little something, something that’s on my mind or is relatable to something I’m going through, and you all have the opportunity to comment on it and say whatever it is that you want to say! You can comment on a post OR submit anything that’s on your mind into the Ask box! From there, you can ask me to answer privately or to publish it. Therefore, you can just talk to me or you can get advice from a bunch of people! Or both! Cool, right?

Another thing, there is no anonymous option for the Ask box! Everyone is equal. We shouldn’t be afraid to share the things that are on our minds! Don’t be afraid to talk! This is also to avoid any negativity/rude comments via anon.

THIS IS A PLACE OF POSITIVITY! Let’s help each other!!

You can follow The Happy Place Campaign on Tumblr HERE:

ANNNND The Happy Place Campaign Twitter HERE:

I’ll be sure to Tweet every day and we can interact there too!

Yay! I’m so excited to start this awesome project with everyone.

This blog is really long, huh? Well, I have one more little thing I’d like to say.

Remember to be grateful to those who support you, love you, are there for you, and make you feel good.
Never take those people for granted. Don’t assume they know it. TELL THEM. Whether it be family, friends, teachers, mentors- let them know you are grateful. Never take them for granted.

So, I’d like to let all of YOU know that I am incredibly grateful to all of you. Whether you read my poetry, this blog, you follow me on Tumblr, or you’re new to my work. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Whether it’s five of you or five hundred, you help me reach my goals by reading my work. You give me the confidence and the support I need and with that- I am eternally grateful.

Thank you so, so, SO much for all of the support and I hope THPC does for you what I want it to.

Have a great week and remember to smile. J

Much love, many hugs,
Christina Bracco

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