Friday, October 19, 2012

Chill Out!

Man, oh, man. I was about to make a sandwich because I'm incredibly hungry, but I figured I should write this first before I get distracted again!

So hello, all!

What a lovely Friday, huh? If you're near me then you are also experiencing an incredibly rainy and cold October day. I love days like this! Except when I have to go out in them. Which I've had to/will have to do.

Shall we talk a little about stress? Let's do that!

So... I am a self-accepting worrier. I worry about almost anything that I'm unsure about. I can't help it! People laugh at me all the time because of how bent out of shape I get over things, but it's just my nature. How many of you are the same way?

I've tried many times to control my anxiety and talk myself out of it, but I can never seem to follow through. BUT, in the end, whatever it is that I was worrying about turns out fine! Almost every time.

Here's an example. I was incredibly sick yesterday and could barely do anything. I was incredibly worried because I had a History midterm this morning. I had the intention of studying for it last night, but with the state I was in, I barely retained anything. I woke up this morning feeling incredibly unprepared and anxious about taking the test. I did my best to spend what little time I had before the test studying. When I got the test... everything that I studied was there. I kicked ASS.

So there I was. In a PANIC. And I ended up doing incredibly well on the test.

Try not to sweat the small stuff! I'll try to do the same.
I've been thinking a lot about being a more positive person. Less complaining, more smiling. Less worrying, more laughing.

Let's focus on things that make us happy! Think of how AMAZING you'll feel once the scary task is finished. You'll do great!

Like, tonight. I have a Sign Language Presentation that I'm nervous about. But here, in front of you all, I'm vowing to do my best to be positive and chill out!

So do the same! Let's make this vow together!

I wish you all peace and calmness for the week.

Thank you to all who continue to read my thoughts and work. It means so much and I will never stop telling you all how gracious I am.

Happy Friday! (Make sure you watch the Halloween Marathon on ABC Family this weekend! I'm pumped!)

Much love, many hugs,
Christina Bracco



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