Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Express Yourself


Hows everyone doing? Its been a busy couple of days with a bunch of great news!! We're only 11 days into the new year and 2012 is already looking bright :)

I've got some great news! I'm excited to share that next week I will be working at the Broadway theater where RENT plays. I've been wanting to see RENT for years now and I'm excited that I will finally be seeing it while working at the same time!

I'm really excited I'll be working at the theater and hopefully this will last very long because it gives me perfect experience in the behind the scenes world of Broadway theater! I also plan on interning at an agency or casting company in the near future for even more experience. It's the perfect thing to do because I plan to become a Casting Director in my future. :)

I'm glad I've finally got these things planned out! I feel like I'm back on track.
I'm also in the process of moving and looking for a new place. I'm really excited for that as well! I'll probably be renting since there's only two of us, but this is super exciting!

I've been listening to A LOT of different types of music lately. Music is so important to me. It feeds my soul.
Music is one of the best ways to express yourself. I think the arts in general are the best way to express yourself. Whether it be singing, dancing, playing an instrument, acting, drawing, panting, making movies.. anything at all!

I write a lot of different things. Poetry, songs, short stories.. any idea that pops into my head. I also do a lot of singing and dancing. It's important to keep your creative juices flowing. I couldn't imagine a life without the arts.

This is a pretty long post. I think I'll end it here to save myself from more rambling.
How do you guys keep your creative juices flowing? Do you do anything that you'd love to share?
Put a comment on the "Comments" box below!! Until next time!
Xoxoxo Christina

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